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All the products in our range are inspired by the richness of each ecosystem in the Italian territory and formulated with a blend of active ingredients, botanical and herbal extracts.


We believe that sustainability can be achieved with an intersectional approach that adopts anti-racism and decolonisation frameworks.

We believe in the care, conservation and justice for indigenous people, their cultures, and for the biodiversity inhabiting their lands. This is why we kept our selection of ingredients and botanicals on the European territory, focusing mainly on Italy and its ecosystems.

Our promise is that we will do our best, within our means and wherever possible, to lower our environmental impact, while also being aware that environmental justice and a sustainable development can be achieved through social justice and anti-capitalism. 


By using natural, Italian ingredients of local origins, we are able to verify their provenance and to avoid any exploitation of people, ingredients, and cultures, whether they are caused deliberately or by accident. We aim to protect biodiversity and build sustainability from a local base, starting from ZERO.

There are a few exceptions in our formulations, whether due to the ingredients’ unavailability in the European continent or for quality reasons.  Wherever we use raw materials that are not home-grown we will always be open and transparent about their source of origin (you can find them listed in the individual product descriptions). Also, we always use the most sustainable alternative ingredients in line with our values and limit their use in our formulations. We are always interested in formulating using locally available, sustainable, high-quality ingredients. Please feel free to contact us if you can help.


Since we are an "indie" beauty brand that produces in small batches, we have had to collaborate with suppliers that sell small cuts of raw materials. This results in higher production costs, but also in fresher and less wasteful raw materials. In general, purchasing products in large quantities reduces costs but leads to more waste of raw materials if they deteriorate, as well as energy wasted in production, transport, and so on.


We want to "rediscover" and celebrate the traditional use of local plants, of which Italy has a rich history. Therefore, each product of the range is inspired by the richness of each ecosystem in the Italian territory – from the mountains to the coastline – and formulated using a blend of active ingredients, botanicals, and herbal extracts. 

Our products are obtained using selected precious ingredients of the highest quality, some being of organic origin, and “km0” where possible.  They have been carefully selected to enhance either a portion of the flora that is unique to each altitude, or its individual plants. They are ethically and sustainably sourced from Italy’s ecosystems. Our raw materials are mostly wild-crafted and coming from spontaneous growth – that is, following the cycles and quantities already present in nature. 

Some formulas also contain synthetic ingredients (that is, not extracted from botanical material, but synthetically created in the laboratory), which have qualities comparable to those of natural ingredients.They also have the same benefits used topically on the skin, but with a reduced environmental impact.


The use of black Miron Glass for the bottles not only helps to better preserve and protect the product inside, but like all glass, it is also recyclable. However, we encourage you to reuse the jars and bottles. 

Our beautifully illustrated labels are printed on non-plasticised paper. This means that while they might not stay “clean” and stain-free after prolonged use – in fact, you might notice them getting worn out faster than commonly used plasticised product labels – they are more easily recyclable and less polluting when produced. 

Both our product labels and external packaging are biodegradable and eco-sustainable. We use FSC-certified paper, which helps to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests, throughout the supply chain. 

The printing technology used is environmentally-friendly and Green Leaf Mark certified, meaning it’s carbon-neutral (net-zero emission). The ink used for printing is biodegradable, made from sugar cane and the fully digital printing technology enables less waste of paper than standard metallic printing systems.


We pride ourselves on working with a hand-picked selection of local (based in Italy) suppliers, ranging from collectors of wild-crafted ingredients to distributors with global partnership networks.

We work with total transparency. We like to co-create with like-minded souls: often independent entities or small family-run businesses that support our vision and are dedicated to ensuring a product of the highest quality.

As a company based in the EU we comply with the current EU legislation EC n1223/2009 so our products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals.


The Opera Zero cosmetic line is created in small batches. This enables us to ensure the maximum freshness of raw materials and active substances contained within the black glass bottles. All our products are tested in our laboratory to ensure quality compliance. We also work in partnership with the Cosmetica Italia laboratories, to ensure that our formulations are non-irritating. They also run safety assessment tests, to verify the effectiveness of our preservative system.

Despite Opera Zero being a natural beauty range formulated by hand, technology is also considered fundamental to guarantee the same quality and high standard of each product. In fact, the Opera Zero laboratory combines artisan and modern operational methods, thus originating an artisanal beauty range that draws on both the precision of science and the inspiration of an artist. 

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Open Call

Sustainability is calculated over time: it is data. At the moment we are unable to quantify it, but we’d love to find ways to do so. One of our core goals as a company is to be able to calculate and reduce our environmental impact by partnering up with experts in the field, whether academic or professional. If you know anyone who could help us deliver this goal, please get in touch with us here.

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