1.   Why did you choose this name? 

The name Opera Zero is conceived around two elements: 

  • Opera is the act of creative expression, action, a work of art. 

  • Zero stands for the point energy and the source where all creation originates and sparks from: it’s an empty space, a blank canvas filled with infinite potential. 

The visual identity of the symbol ☉, which is encased in the Opera Zero logo, reinforces the sun, the soul and zero energy. The logo was inspired by this glyph, which also acts as the brand’s very own sigil.

United, Opera + Zero = Opera Zero represents the fusion of creativity and the embodiment of creation from the ether, manifested and shaped into physical form. Our name explains why we don’t strive for a particular lifestyle - rather, to embody a state of mind that is conscious, aware and fully present. We’re open to all possibilities, in order to embrace and surrender to the beauty and gifts of life. We are creators.

2.   Why did you decide to launch this brand? What sets you apart from other brands?

Our mission is to offer mindfully-made artisanal, beauty routines for every-body. Using ethically sourced and wildcrafted ingredients from the Italian territory, we aim to produce responsible, natural and high-performance skincare products with minimal environmental impact. 
What we are trying to do differently from other brands: We strive for accountability. We believe in sharing information and encouraging dialogue. We know that we are not perfect (not even close!), but we do our best to be transparent in everything we create or do. We know that actions speak louder than words, and are continuously looking for ways to improve our products and modus operandi

3.   Who is behind the team?

We are proud to be an interracial, international, women-led team. Our founder is Italian-Vietnamese, grew up in Italy and spent many years working abroad in the UK, before settling back in Italy (where she met most of the team). 
Opera Zero prides itself on working with employees that also act as agents of change in the world, by applying the company’s core principles to other areas of their lives. 
A snapshot of our team is as follows:

  • The brand is founded by Mai Vi Ferraro, a 34 year old Italian-Vietnamese entrepreneur, formulator and creative in the cosmetics industry. She lives in Bologna. Find out more here.

  • Elizabeth Marchetti, who is based in Berlin, and Martina Buttini, based in Bologna, are assisting with brand development and leading the marketing and communications strategy. We are a digital-era Whatsapp team!

  • Riccardo Cellottini is art director, photographer and also helps as a designer

  • Marco Cavallini and Sivia Camelli are our design wizards.

Many of the others involved with our business are collaborators and friends.

Products & Ingredients

1.   Are your products natural or organic?

All our products are natural. Most of our ingredients are derived from organic farming, but not all. On our website, we disclose the origin of our extracts and oils - you can find it in the product descriptions. 

2.   Are your products vegan and/or gluten-free? 

Yes, our skincare products are vegan and gluten-free. Should you be gluten intolerant, we would like to reassure you that there is no reason for concern for gluten in cosmetics. Based on studies, there is no scientific/evidence that using cosmetic products containing gluten will worsen any symptoms. Gluten is a big protein and if applied topically, it should not be able to penetrate the epidermis and enter the bloodstream, given its size (unless there are signs of a lesion, which you’ll want to avoid). Cosmetics tailored to gluten-free consumers do not exist, as there is no need.

3.   I have sensitive skin, can I use your products?

Yes, our products are non-irritant and suitable for sensitive skin, as certified by an external laboratory.

Please note that we are unable to accept returns or process refunds due to skin conditions or allergic reactions. Please be sure to read the full ingredients list and directions of use on the product description before placing your order. If in doubt, please purchase a sample kit of our range, should you wish to try the products ahead of committing to a full-size product. You can read more on this topic in our Delivery & Returns Policy page.

4.   Do your products contain preservatives?

The products containing water (Linfa di Vite and Luce di Elicriso) have a natural preservative system. The efficacy in our formulas has been tested by an external laboratory.

5.   How are your products formulated, what is the process?

We are inspired by a landscape, smell or a particular ingredient and we let that guide us with the formulation.

6.   What is the shelf life? 

We recommend using products within a period of six months after opening. 

7.   How and where are your ingredients sourced?

Our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced from Italy’s ecosystems. We pride ourselves on working with a hand-picked selection of local (based in Italy) suppliers, ranging from collectors of wild-crafted ingredients to distributors with global partnership networks.
For more info on our suppliers, view our ingredients page.

8.   Where can I find the INCI?

The INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) for each cosmetic product of the range is fully visible on all the product packaging and also on our website product descriptions.
For more info on the ingredients in our INCI list, please visit our ingredients page.

9.   Are you cruelty-free? 

Yes, we are 100% cruelty-free and do not test on animals. As a company based in the EU we follow the legislation EC n 1223/2009.


1.   Are you a sustainable brand? What are your sustainability measures?

Our promise is that we will do our best, within our means and wherever possible, to lower our environmental impact. We vouch to always keep in mind every aspect of the choices we make as a company – and in the meantime, we'll be trying to limit our CO2 emission.

One of our core goals as a company is to be able to calculate and reduce our environmental impact by partnering up with experts in the field, whether academic or professional. If you know anyone who could help us deliver this goal, please get in touch with us here. 

2.   Can you describe from a formulations and ingredients standpoint, how Opera Zero compares with some of the brands already on the market?

Our ethos of sustainability is built on the foundation of decolonisation.

It links the care and conservation of the indigenous people, cultures, and biodiversity that inhabit that environment. This is demonstrated in our love, passion and celebration of Italy, its people, its produce, and sustaining Italy’s environment. Wherever we use raw materials that are not home-grown (in Italy) we will always be open and transparent about their source of origin.

Read our ingredients page for more in-depth information on this point.

3.   What can you tell us about the packaging? How can we recycle it?

The use of black Miron Glass for the bottles not only helps to better preserve and protect the product inside, but like all glass, it is also recyclable. However, we encourage you to reuse the jars and bottles. 

Our beautifully illustrated labels are printed on non-plasticised paper - more easily recyclable and less polluting when produced. Both our product labels and external packaging are biodegradable and eco-sustainable. Read our ingredients page for information on our sustainable packaging.

Collaborations & Job Opportunities 

1.   Would love to collaborate - how do I get in touch?

Brilliant! We are always on the lookout for editorial and social collaborators willing to share their experience, vision and skills with our community. Check our e-zine and Instagram account for ideas on how we can join forces. Drop us a line at opera@operazero.it or via our social channels. We look forward to hearing from you!

2.   Are you hiring?

We don’t have any open positions at the moment, but should we find a need for it, we will publish this info on our social media channels and newsletter. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook! 


1.   I am interested in stocking Opera Zero in my store / practice - how do I get in touch?

Fantastic! We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at opera@operazero.it for more details.

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