Core Values

We are a values-driven brand, on a quest to decolonise the beauty industry.

Our Manifesto

Our mission is to offer mindful artisanal, beauty routines for every-body. Using ethically sourced and wildcrafted ingredients from the Italian territory, we aim to produce responsible, natural and high-performance skincare products with minimal environmental impact. We also want to highlight the exceptional botanical beauty of Italy’s diverse ecosystems, as it’s the country where our ancestral roots lie. 

But Opera Zero is more than beauty. We are guided by transparency, integrity and social responsibility. We know who we are and we stand by our uncompromising values. Our goal is to make the natural beauty industry a more honest, conscious and inclusive space. We hope to encourage other brands to follow suit and to see this shift reflected in the world, beyond the realms of beauty. 

We strive for accountability. We believe in sharing information and encouraging dialogue. We know that we are not perfect (not even close!), but we do our best to be transparent in everything we create or do. We know that actions speak louder than words, and are continuously looking for ways to improve our products and modus operandi. If you’d like to share any ideas with us, why not send them over?

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