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Carlina - Cleansing Oil

Carlina is a delicate cleanser made of oils and botanical extracts found in mountain pastures and forests. Formulated to be rinsed with water or a damp muslin cloth, it leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Apply a pea size of product on face and neck, spreading with delicate circular movements to remove make-up and daily impurities from the skin. Be gentle around the eye area, massage with a gentle touch with the tip of the fingers or use a cotton disk.

Did you know that...? 

You can transform Carlina into a mechanical exfoliator by mixing it with coffee grounds.

You could also use Carlina as the liquid part to mix clay-based face masks. Thanks to its consistency, the mask won’t dry and pull on the skin, which usually happens when using water. 

You could also just simply apply a thick layer of product on the skin and use it as a face mask. Ideal for extremely dry and sensitive skin.


Linfa di Vite - Face Mask

Linfa di Vite is a face mask that embodies the beauty and freshness of the vineyards and hills surrounding Bologna. Devised to be used after a first facial cleanse, this mask is effective within a few minutes of letting it rest on the skin. Rinse off or use a wet cloth. You can use it according to your skin’s needs. Used weekly, it will leave the skin soft and hydrated.

Did you know that...? 

Linfa di Vite can be used as a cleansing milk (it’s not recommended to be used as an eye make up remover, so carefully avoid the eye area).

Alternatively, you can use it with a bit of clay to intensify its potency and turn it into a detoxifying mask as well. This way, the clay mask won’t overdry.


Venere - Face Oil

Venere is a blend of precious oils and botanical extracts inspired by the Po Valley in Northern Italy, with its agricultural and rice fields. Venus face oil is formulated to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. Ideal for all skin types, it can be used both morning and evening thanks to its fast absorption.

Apply a small amount of product preferably on damp skin, massage with circular movements until fully absorbed and enjoy how the mixture of essential oils reveals a floral and sensual bouquet.

Did you know that...?

You can add a few drops of Venere to Linfa di Vite to have an even richer and nourishing mask. A few drops of Venere can be used to treat dry hair ends too.


Luce di Elicriso - Face cream

Luce di Elicriso is a rich face cream suitable for all skin types. It hydrates, protects and nourishes the skin, for a luminous complexion. Its formula is like a stroll through the pine forests and Mediterranean landscapes, among hills, clearings and sanctuaries on cliffs that directly overlook the sea, and accompanies us into coastal areas, lapped by sea water.

Apply half a pump of product to the skin and massage it or tap onto face and neck until fully absorbed, morning and evening.

Did you know that...? 

You can add two drops of Venere facial oil for a moisturizing and soothing night treatment.

If you are looking for a lighter cream feeling instead, you can use a little cream and mix it with some facial mist on the palm of your hand. It’s a perfect solution for hot days, or if you have oily skin.

The silky and matte finish of Luce di Elicriso makes it a perfect choice as a make-up base. Use it before applying your foundation, or mix it with a few drops of liquid foundation to obtain a BB cream effect.

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